A minisymposium is a session consisting of 4, 8 or 12 presentations of 20 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.  It should be related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Numerical methods
  • Finite element discretisation and isogeometric analysis
  • Numerical linear algebra: eigenvalue problems and solvers
  • Mathematical methods for control and optimisation
  • Numerical methods for stochastic differential equations
  • Porous media and poroelasticity
  • GPU computation
  • Quantum computing
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Mathematical modelling in Medicine and Biology
  • Mathematical modelling and numerical methods for energy and climate change
  • Machine learning for partial differential equations
  • Data-driven modelling and simulation
The abstract for each talk may not exceed 1-page and should be prepared using the LaTeX template available HERE.
MS 01
Organizers: Roland Maier and Andreas Rupp
MS 02
Organizers: Eda Oktay, Erin Carson and Theo Mary
MS 03
Organizers: Ercilia Sousa and Martin Stynes
MS 04
Organizers: Michel Duprez, Vanessa Lleras, Alexei Lozinski, and Guglielmo Scovazzi
MS 05
Organizers: Jeremy Chouchoulis and Afsaneh Moradi
MS 06
Organizers: Vadym Aizinger and Andreas Rupp
MS 07
Organizers: Gregor Gantner and Rob Stevenson
MS 08
Organizers: Tomáš Bodnár and Marília Pires
MS 09
Organizers: Šárka Nečasová and Philippe Fraunié
MS 10
Organizers: Aaron Brunk, Eduard Feireisl and Mária Lukácová
MS 11
Organizers: Monica Nonino and Davide Pradovera
MS 12
Organizers: Philipp Horn, Veronica Saz Ulibarrena and Barry Koren
MS 13
Organizers: Lars Diening and Michael Ruzicka
MS 14
Organizers: Sven Beuchler, Bernhard Endtmayer, Dirk Praetorius and Thomas Wick
MS 16
Organizers: Yoshihito Kazashi and Tommaso Vanzan
MS 17
Organizers: Christian Engwer and Mariya Ptashnyk
MS 18
Organizers: Marcella Bonazzoli, Francesca Bonizzoni, IlarioMazzieri and Vanja Nikolic
MS 19
Organizers: Tameem Almani, Ali Al-Turki and Kundan Kumar
MS 21
Organizers: Elena Bachini, Hanne Hardering and Simon Praetorius
MS 22
Organizers: Stefano Massei and Cecilia Pagliantini
MS 23
Organizers: Elena Giammatteo, Alexander Heinlein, Carlos Perez Arancibia and Matthias Schlottbom
MS 24
Organizers: Gunilla Kreiss and Sara Zahedi
MS 25
Organizers: Florin Radu and Dumitru Trucu
MS 26
Organizers: Paola Antonietti, Alfonso Caiazzo and Daniel Peterseim
MS 27
Organizers: Gabriella Puppo, Pep Mulet, Carlos Parés and Peter Frolkovič
MS 29
Organizers: Stefan Frei, Alexander Heinlein and Qiyao (Alice) Peng
MS 30
Organizers: Tobias Köppl, Koondanibha (Koondi) Mitra and Qiyao (Alice) Peng
MS 31
Organizers: Paola Antonietti, Alessio Fumagalli, Ivan Fumagalli and Daniele Prada
MS 32
Organizers: Lothar Banz, Fleurianne Bertrand, Daniele Boffi and Jakub Both
MS 34
Organizers: Rolf Krause, Arne Nägel and Gabriel Wittum
MS 35
Organizers: Davide Baroli, Gianluigi Rozza and Alessandro Veneziani
MS 36
Title: Special Session: Meshfree methods for direct and inverse problems in partial differential equations. In memoriam of Prof. Carlos J.S. Alves
Organizers: Adélia Sequeira, Vitor Leitão and Svilen Valtchev
MS 37
Organizers: Elías Gudino, Giuseppe Romanazzi and José Augusto Ferreira
MS 38
Organizers: Ana Leonor Silvestre and Jorge Tiago
MS 40
Organizers: Paula Patrício, Cristiana Silva and Ana Jacinta Soares
MS 41
Organizers: Juha Videman, Tom Gustafsson and Rolf Stenberg
MS 42
Organizers: Oliver Sander and Carsten Gräser